Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream Review

The basic step for any beauty routine begins with having a good moisturizer but if you are looking to go up a notch, actually quite a few, to go into the category of high quality, premium pick of a moisturizer for your skin and is looking to get nothing short than the absolute best, then stick on and continue reading as this post is definitely for you.

Forest essentials is a brand that I absolutely trust and place my blind faith in all of their products but the Soundarya cream holds a place much more closer to my heart than any of their other products that I use. This is that one FE product that I need to stock up on and can never stay without.


The four unique ingredients that are in this cream are Saffron, Pure Ghee, Liquorice and Gold Bhasma. Yes, you read that last part right. Forest Essentials claim to include real 24K gold bhasma in the cream which penetrates deep in to the skin to offer radiance and increased elasticity. Saffron used in the cream renders the users with a warm glowing skin. Pure Cow’s ghee is also used to be easily absorbed into the skin and with Liquorice roots, which is a gentle sunscreen which is highly moisturizing and help block harmful UVA/UVB rays, at the same time offering the skin with the benefits of age defying properties.

This cream is a natural face moisturizer that offers deep moisturization to your skin and is listed by FE to improve elasticity and firmness by controlling collagen depletion. For people who have fine lines or with the appearance of fine lines, Forest Essentials claims this cream to be the savior.


As I mentioned earlier, I really love this cream and this is that one product that I absolutely cannot be without. It has a rich, fragrant, creamy yellow textured light cream that is extremely hydrating which helps keep your skin soft and supple throughout the day. While the cream is indeed a bit pricey, during application, you do not need to apply a lot of the cream to get that perfect moisturization for your skin which evens out the price factor to a certain extent. If you do find that the cream application results in being a little sticky, chances are that you are applying too much of the cream and so try cutting down on the quantity and aiming for a more even application.

I have noticed that as you apply the cream over your skin, you can feel just how great the cream actually is and you end up feeling pampered as the skin feels greatly nourished.

Since I do not have any fine lines on my face, I could not validate the claim about the fine lines part. The long term and consistent application of the cream definitely does help in bringing a natural glowing radiant skin and if you are someone who is looking for an immediate result then this might not be for you, however, a word of advice is that we best stay away from anything that promises instant results requiring dabbing on too much chemicals on your skin but to opt for the more natural and long term result yielding product.

A lot of people would be put off by the price but I would suggest that if this price is affordable, then paying up that extra cash would be an action that you would look back with happiness. I am a firm believer of getting the absolute best for your skin and not making any compromises as most often, its very hard to reverse the ill-effects or in some cases almost irreversible damage that can happen to your skin by picking products that might not be best suited or with more harmful ingredients that you coat on your skin for the sole purpose of saving some money on your purchase.

I have combination skin and this works perfectly well for me and both normal & dry skin users would find this a great choice as well. A word of caution though to people with oily skin or skin that is more prone to breakouts : use very minimal quantity or test this out at a store before making the purchase.


  • A perfect moisturizer that is highly hydrating and a blessing for those harsh months of winter.
  • Absorbed easily into the skin and evenly with no residues.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • SPF 25 in the cream offers protection from the harmful UV rays.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day leaving it soft and supple.


  • A bit pricey
  • People with oily skin need to be test this to see how it works for their skin as every individual skin type is different even though we broadly classify them the categories of Dry, Normal, Combination & Oily.

Price : 4800 Rs for 50g tub.

Rating : 5/5.

Thank you for reading this review and hope it was of help to you.

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